See below on how to contact Westridge Boarding Cattery Ltd 
* 69 Westridge Drive
   Tauranga 3110

*  Pre-booking inspections welcomed but they must be pre-arranged as unscheduled visitors interrupt the cattery routine and can prove unsettling to our more timid or shy guests. - Thank you for respecting our policy on this matter. 

                       NOTICE BOARD:           



                   Just a reminder that if you are planning to board your Furry family member at a Boarding Cattery check that their Vaccinations are all up to date well before hand. I know that most of the vets clinics provide a great 'Reminder' service but don't rely on this solely especially if your contact details have changed. The ultimate responsibility lies with you as the owner and you don't want to find your holiday plans are suddenly derailed cause your cats not considered vaccinated and can't be boarded. Westridge Boarding Cattery's policy on Vaccinations is very straight forward - I will not accept any guests that do not have full and current immunity or have had their vaccination less than 10 days prior to arriving. This policy ensures that I do all that I can to ensure that your cat and the other guests remain healthy and happy and are not at increased risk of becoming unwell.  Also please check that their Flea and worming is up to date as an ounce of prevention is often better than the cure as the old saying goes. If you are still finding flea/flea dirt after treating them talk to your local vet as they may recommend a brand change or give you tips on how to administer it effectively.

  I look forward to seeing you soon and caring for your furry family members soon.

Kelly :)