Frequently asked Q and A

Q. "What vaccinations does my cat have to have had"?

A. The minimum vaccination that Westridge Boarding Cattery will accept contains full and current protection against Feline Panleukopenia (FPL) Virus (sometimes called Feline Enteritis), Feline Rhinotracheitis (FRV) Virus and Feline Calcivirus (more commonly referred to as Snuffles or Cat-Flu). If you are not sure if your cat is covered for these 3x nasty infectious diseases then please give a quick call to your vet clinic will they will easily be able to tell you.


Q. "When does my cat have to have been vaccinations by"?

A. No vaccine provides immediate protection, especially with Kittens who need various boosters, so if you have never had your cat vaccinated before or it is a kitten please discuss this with your vet to ensure it has reached full protection not less than 10 days prior to their checking into Westridge Boarding cattery. Failure to do this may result in us not being able to accept your cat as our guest.


Q. "Do I need to supply proof that my cats vaccinations are up to date"?

A. Yes you do, Westridge Cattery will need to see your cats Vaccination Record Book prior to accepting your cat as our guest. If you are unable to locate the book then a printout from your usual vet showing Vaccination history is acceptable.


Q." My cat is on a special diet can he stay on this diet while he is staying at Westridge Boarding Cattery"?

 A. Definitely, this just needs to be discussed with us at time of booking, and mostly it will mean that you simply bring their usual food with them from home and we will provide them with it.


Q. "My cat is on Medication can it be administered while he is staying at Westridge Boarding Cattery"?

A. If your cat is on tablets or requires a topical cream applied then Westridge Boarding Cattery can attend to this. Any other medical conditions that require administering needs to be discussed at time of booking.


Q. "Will my cat be mixing with other cats"?

 A. No, all our guests have their own private rooms where all their needs are catered to. Only cats from the same household ever share room or are allowed to be together.


Q. "Can I bring a few of her favorite things from home"?

A. Most definitely, you are more than welcome to bring a few toys and a comfy blanket from home. We only ask that you leave the sheepskin blankets at home as they are too hard to wash and dry quickly.